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Why do you want to see Las Vegas?

      What excites you about Las Vegas? I was excited to go Las Vegas because of everything I’d heard and seen on the TV show from years ago. I remember seeing Las Vegas on the TV show and Kevin Hart’s  buy modafinil netherlands Think Like a Man. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation was also set in Las Vegas. Do you know those shows (wow)? What does everyone say about Las Vegas? “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” Does that make you wonder what can be done in Las Vegas that is not secret? Sorry to tell you I didn’t see anything I couldn’t tell you about (smile). 

 Las Vegas is what you make it. You can have a lot of fun and experience a lot of things or you can be bored. I stayed on both sides in Las Vegas. My visit was enjoyable and entertaining. It was different. Why different? The Fairmont in downtown Las Vegas shocked me. Let me explain, the hotel Golden Nugget and The D hotels had women dancing on the table in the casino. They had a zip line down the strip. There were many Clubs visiting the city mixed in with the locals. The party was in the street until 4:45 am when I turned in. During the day everything was quiet and there weren’t many people walking around. However, when the sun went down, it was time to party and the show began again. 

 Now on Las Vegas Boulevard I also had fun. The food was amazing it melted in my mouth. Chef Ramsay has a restaurant in Paris Hotel in Las Vegas. There are many restaurants. There is something for everyone, famous chefs, and franchise eateries. They have something for every budget. Let’s talk about the shopping. They have a shopping area in the hotel and the Las Vegas Production shows are amazing. You can see Celine Dion and get a Dinner & Show Package. Then there is the comedy show with Eddie Griffin. Of course, they have Adult shows like Chippendales, the Penn& Teller magic show, and more.

You can buy your ticket before you get to Las Vegas. During the day you can see any and everybody on the Boulevard. From people dressed up as Superman or the Hulk. You can take a picture with them, but they want you to pay. They have a mall there called Fashion Mall. Let me tell you about crossing the street. You have to walk up a flight of stairs to go over a crosswalk, then go down the stairs on the other side. This is near the Paris Hotel and a great way to avoid traffic on a busy street.This is not everywhere in Las Vegas, but it is on the Boulevard. If you like to gamble you are in the right place. This is just a few of the things you can do in Las Vegas. They have so much and more to do… 

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