Fantasia Travels blog will write about trips we have taken and trips we are planning. We will focus on the destinations and all of the things you can do while you are there.

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Our Team

Our team members can also guide you to the best places to visit either for a weekend trip, honeymoon, or family trip.

LJ Thomas


editor of materials and marketing ideas

Stacey Blackward

TCEO / Travels Agent

For Fantasia Travels /Fantasia Travels Expressions

Joyce Stith

Office Manager/Travel Agent

She travels with groups that is 20+

Robert Blackward Sr.

Financial Advisor

Financial Advisor for Fantasia Travels/ Fantasia Travels Expressions

Weldon Bond


Webmaster for Fantasia Travels

Robert Blackward Jr.

Mail Office Manger

Mail office Manger for Fantasia Travels/ Fantasia Travels Expressions

Tumajah Sumerville


Designer of Fantasia Travels Flyer

Ivinson Blackward

Travels Agent

He work with individual Quote

Fantasia Travels