Fantasia Travels blog will write about trips we have taken and trips we are planning. We will focus on the destinations and all of the things you can do while you are there.

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The Story About Us

Fantasia Travels is your best solutions for Convenient Vacation Travel. Whether booking a Cruise to the Bahamas or planning a weekend getaway to Europe, we can help.

Private Transport

We can arrange for your transportation to and from destinations. This can include shuttles or buses, depending on your needs.


Diverse Destinations

We listen to what you say and what you do not say to make your travel experience exceptional. The diversity of our destinations and excursions is something we are proud of.


Great Resort

Where we choose to lay our head after a long day of having fun on a vacation is important. We want to be safe, in a good area and have all of the amenities we are accustomed.


Fast Booking

As travel begins to reopen, we know the agencies will be booked up. This is where Fantasia Travels has a advantasge over others. We have worked with some of the most reputable resort, cruise line, park and more, over the lasst 15 years.

Book Your Appointment

We can plan your entire trip or event. We get all the details (dates, destination, budget,and so forth). In addition, this is also the time to mention any special concerns or considerations.

We can meet in person (by appointment only) to begin planning your vacation at the office located at 10E Marshall St. Richmond, Va.23219. Our call line is open from 10:00 am -7:00 pm. weekday. We look forward to speaking with you as we plan the vacation of your life.

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Fantasia Travels

Eveything can be planned: transportation, resort. destinations, and even excursions. We realize that planning a trip can be overwhelming, But Fantasia Travels is here to make it easier for you. Beside, you are planning something to help you relax and we do not want this to be stressful. So, we do everything we can to make the experience not only enjoyable , but carefree as well, So look around and then let us know how we can help you .


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