Fantasia Travels Event

Fantasia Travels Event page is where we have our different events, but they are all located in one area for your convenience. This page contains our events for group travel. Most of the time we do this twice a year. There may be 1 or more employees that will travel with the group. We have a Family and Friends group. Every year we also have an event similar to a retreat or a seminar on a cruise. Sometimes we may do it on land. These events are always informative and enjoyable.

Family and Friends Event


The Family Trip is perfect for you if you want to get away with some friends. This is a great getaway for girls or guys. Myrtle Beach has pleaded for you to do so. Not just on the property, but Myrtle Beach is a great place to get away.  If you take your family with you, there are 9 pools, a Sports & Health Club, and the Splash! waterpark Lazy River. You can relax and unwind. You can go shopping at one of the outlets near you. We went walking every morning, but if you don’t like walking alone you can walk with us. 

Do you want to walk on the beach early in the morning? You can. 

If you like to go to the gym, it’s there for you. Go walking through barefoot landing and enjoy specialty shops to fit every style. You have restaurants with waterfront dining or my favorite House of Blues. There are many restaurants you can try; Gre Norman Australian Grille, Dick’s Last Resort, or River City Cafe. At night you can celebrate the night’s Light Music happy hour.

Things you can do with the kids seem endless. You have the option of visiting The Family Kingdom Amusement park, Go Ape Treetop adventure, GTS theatre, Helicopter Adventures, Hollywood Wax Museum, or Myrtle Beach Family Golf. You can also try the Myrtle Beach Escape room. I wonder what room I’m going into.  There many things you can do at Myrtle Beach. You can a 2 bedroom Villa with a full kitchen if you just want to sit and enjoy your space alone. With Fantasia Travels you are not alone. We set everything with you. You can do your own thing or you can join us in what we doing. The choice is your, but either way, you will have an amazing time when you choose the Family Trip to Myrtle Beach.


Reclaim, Recover, Overcome

This is a retreat to help you get past the hurt you feel during the holiday season.

Are you happy and sad because you are still holding on to something inside and are not sure what it is? Do you feel you gave up everything for someone else and they don’t show you any appreciation? Have you lost, a job, friends, husband, or a child? You move, but you are not moving on.

Come and join us. Let us show you the steps to let it go. Sometimes we know where we want to go, but we need some guidance and direction to help us get there. This retreat will give you that guidance as you Reclaim, Recover and Overcome.

Are you scared to take the next step to reach your goals? Does fear have a hold on you? Do you have excuses why you should not do it? Let us help you move to the next level. Do you have a family and they just don’t have time for you?
Are you tired of the excuses like, “I’m so busy with my job I don’t have time.”?
It’s time to come to this retreat