Fantasia Travels is a travels agency which offers an opportunity for authors. artist and fans to get together to network, educate, motivate and inspire one another through events. We  are the travel agency that listens. Fantasia Travels is your best solutions for Convenient Vacation Travel,  whether booking a Cruise to the Bahamas or planning a weekend getaway to Europe, we can help. We take the time to ask questions to ask questions to determine the best destination for you.  As a result, when we have an event, it is something that is beneficial to everyone involved. After all this is a time for you to relax your body and have fun. So, we want to help with your relaxation, not only  physically, but also  mentally and emotionally  as well. This is a time for you to get away and rejuvenate in more ways than one. We specialize in group travel.

          Fantasia Travels wants to help you plan your group.  Not only will we plan your group trip,  we will  post your event below and we will also make it easy for others to register for your event. It will be easy to copy the link and use it in  emails and other promotional materials (flyers, postcards , announcements and more). This event page will give you greater exposure and visibility, as well as serve as a gathering place for those looking to join your private event. Specifically, individuals who are interested in joining you can register here. This takes the work out of the registration process for you. You can focus on making your event great and ensuring that it is the memorable occasion you dream of. We will help  your family or class reunion, church, nonprofit group or other group event.  Fantasia Travels has a reputation for providing world class service. We do this through educating our clients on safety, prevention and other aspects of traveling. You can rest assured that you are in good safe hands when you travel with Fantasia Travels. Why not allow us to be your Travel Agency? 

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